Welcome to EU CROP Project Proposal Site

CROP – Cycloidal Rotor Optimized for Propulsion


This is a new project proposal to EU 7th Framework Programme. Please help us support this proposal by providing feedback through this blog.

Reasons for the new project:

The CROP project introduces an innovative propulsion system for aircrafts based on the cycloidal rotor concept, using an integrated approach that includes the electric drive train, airframe integration and an environmental friendly energy source.
The CROP system is supported on a multiphysics approach:

1. The high thrust is obtained by unsteady-based cycloidal rotor operation;

2. The development of low-weight electric power drives for the system;

3. Airframe re-design to accomplish optimum integration of the cycloidal propulsor;

4. Environmental friendly energy source based on hydrogen and photovoltaic cells.

The strenghts of the CROP concept are:

– High thrust lelvels: by using unsteady airflows

– Low weight: using an integrated design approach between airframe and cycloidal propulsor

– Environmental friendly: because it is based on green energy power sources.

The revolutionary CROP propulsion concept will introduce new air-vehicle concepts, overcoming traditional limitation on short take-off and landing, including hovering capability.


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